Interaction of hydrogen isotopes

               with structural materials


  The topic "Interaction of hydrogen isotopes with structural materials" has been relevant for more than a hundred years. Many published scientific works, thousands of monographs do not remove this relevance to this day. At different stages of the development of science, technology, industry, new problems arose, the solution of which required new scientific approaches, the creation of new methods for studying hydrogen systems. Each time the problem was solved in one way or another: materials were created that were resistant to the effects of a hydrogen-containing medium, appropriate methods of protecting materials were chosen, or acceptable technical approaches were found to solve a particular problem. Today, due to the rapid development of hydrogen and thermonuclear energy, the renaissance of nuclear energy, the topic is experiencing its next rise.

Place of registration

13th International School-Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists named after A.A. Kurdyumov will be held at the "RFNC-VNIIEF" Sarov.