Interaction of hydrogen isotopes

               with structural materials



IHISM (Interaction Hydrogen Isotopes with Structural Materials) is the name of the International conference as well as of the School for young scientists and specialists in the topical subject “Interaction of hydrogen isotopes with structural materials”, which have been held since 2001. At IHISM events, you can meet the majority of specialists working in this field. For many years of work, the members of the community have become friends, but they are always happy to welcome new people and participants. 

The 7-th International conference and the 14-th International School for young scientists and specialists named after A. A. Kurdyumov are to be held in the city of Gatchina, Leningrad region, from July 5 till July 11, 2021.

 The presentations in the following research areas are to be accepted:

1. Kinetics of hydrogen isotopes interaction with solids, radiogenic helium effects included;

2. Hydrogen isotope effects on structural material properties;

3. Promising materials for the first wall of thermonuclear reactors (lithium included);

4. Hydrides and hydride transformations;

5. Models, methods and equipment.